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I was recently away with some friends and we randomly started talking about weird stuff/routines that we did when we were younger in the name of beauty and vanity.

For all of eternity I have had dry skin. Best resolution when I was 15 was basting my face in Vaseline to sleep. And I don't mean the moisturiser. I mean the petroleum jelly type. Scrape a nail across my well lubricated face and that nail looked like a grease plough. Needless to say, my pillow case had to get changed frequently...

Toothpaste is great for drying out pimples. So good in fact that it creates a lovely red ring of dried out flakiness. Yes it works but yes it irritates the other skin around it.

I was optimistic...

I was optimistic...

For me, there was the long term goal of bigger boobs. I can confirm that smothering your décolletage with mayonnaise or toothpaste makes absolutely no difference. It does NOT work. No real surprises there. Bless my younger self!

I trained as a classical dancer with the Royal Ballet and part of our daily routine included putting surgical spirit on our feet. Now this isn't a weird routine or habit, this was a necessity to dry out the skin so it created hard callouses….all the better to stand on pointe with. And yes, I still have ugly feet because of it!

Although it wasn't a weird treatment, I insisted through my teens that I should wear this purple tinged lipstick that had a bluey/pinky shimmer. I called it purple. My parents called it "Death". It was pretty horrific in all honesty. I thought I was so edgy. And rebellious. I would purposely wear it  knowing that my parents didn't approve. To the supermarket. Everywhere! I wasn't able to find a photo of it unfortunately...I think mum actually refused to capture the evidence!

So was there anything that you used to do in your younger years that you thought  was going to solve all your beauty woes or wore something that only YOU thought was edgy and beautiful?


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