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Look at my buns!

How is it Easter already?? The year is flying by. It has been a pearler so far. It warms me to my cockles to have so many of my regulars come in for a visit. Thanks for all the recommendations for my lovely new ladies too….my motto is to change Sydney, one brow at a time. I feel like I am kicking goals 🙂

I hope that everyone gets to enjoy 4 luxurious sleep-ins and have some good old fashioned family time. I love the idea of not setting my alarm and not making too many concrete plans. I plan on indulging in chocolate eggs and eating my own body weight in hot cross buns…I love those suckers…in fact, it has been rainy and a bit dreary of late so I went to the trouble of making my own. Pretty impressive huh? Will I share them with the hubby though…

Put some ears on, paint your nose and gather your baskets to go egg hunting.

Happy Easter y’all! xxx

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