c e l l u l i t e

Dimples without the smile!!

Otherwise known as “orange peel”, “cottage cheese" and "hail damage”. Personally, I just think its DISAPPOINTING.

After a recent trip overseas in warmer temperatures walking around half naked in a bikini I couldn’t help but notice mine and everyone else's dappled skin. And they say skinny people don’t have cellulite. Pfft. Wrong!

According to wikipedia, 80-90% of us post adolescent females have it. So in theory, its become the “norm”. Which in some ways is reassuring but it got me thinking why?

I don't claim to be an expert, a scientist nor a biologist but I am naturally nosey so I decided to look into why it exists. Of course, there are many theories and every one has an opinion. But these seemed to be the main offenders:

  • Hormones. Those good old chestnuts. It would explain why males manage to skip this beautiful butt and thigh landscape. Us girls get it all don’t we?
  • Genetics. Luckily for some nationalities and races, their genetics have managed to avoid the contribution to a dimpled society. But for the rest of us, if your mama has it, chances are you will too. Not only did I get my dad’s ears and forehead, I can thank my mum for my squishy bits?….No, not really. My mum has great legs. She really does, even at the age of 71.
  • This is an interesting one, Clothing (?) Tight clothing across the butt can mean poor blood flow….so those tight leggings that suck everything in at the gym are actually not favourable? Who doesn’t love the feel of a good wobble?
  • Smokers, Exercise Avoiders and the Stationary. Get up off that office chair once in a while!
  • Stress.  I don’t know anyone that isn’t stressed at some point in their lives. And I don’t necessarily mean something traumatic. I actually mean our everyday lives. Time. Time nowadays seems to be our biggest stress. We are busy. All the time.

One of the most disconcerting things to me though are all the magazines out there photographing and creating "stories" on this subject. The paparazzi just "happen to be (lurking around) on the beach" to capture celebrities with their pants down. One day, celebs are being celebrated for not being stick thin but then the next day, their cellulite is the latest shock horror news. Its boring. And more importantly, completely irrelevant.

So yep, cellulite exists. Its all around us. The best thing we can do is be kind to ourselves. Eat a diet that is right for you, exercise and sleep well. And more than anything, forgive your body for being expressive…my dimples on my butt are bigger than the ones on my face….so what!?

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