5 m i n s…. 3 p r o d u c t s

What can you do when you are time poor and feeling a bit flat?

Why you can paint your face with pretty things! It will INSTANTLY make you feel better and the good news is that it doesn't need to involve a million and one products. I have a lot of clients who are mums and I know for a fact that they have no time for themselves...read on ladies!!

I did my makeup today with 3 products. Yep, just 3. I was feeling lazy, I was feeling tired and I had 5 minutes to rejuvenate myself before my first appt of the day.

So, what products did I use?

  • Base - Flawless skin is an instant booster to the self-esteem and I will be honest, if you look like you have good fresh skin, less fancy makeup is needed overall. I know personally that if I look less tired, I feel less tired. Prep your skin with your usual skincare and really massage that moisturiser in (avoiding on top of the eyelid to prevent oily lids). Then, get your foundation (I used Face & Body by MAC) and buff it into your skin. Some people like their hands, I like to use the #168 Brush by MAC. Its fluffy and makes polishing the product super easy without creating lines on the face.
  • Colour - One word….Lipstick! Its that simple. Today I used a great lippie by MAC called Blankety. To get that pop of colour on my cheeks, I smiled at myself in the mirror and then used my fingertip to apply it on to the apples of my cheeks. I then blended it softy up into my hairline. Draw it on your lips as normal. AND then……..you can just sweep a little bit of the colour on your eyelid. No really! A soft colour like Blankety will definitely work as a touch of colour but a hot pink lipstick will definitely not (unless you want to look like you have been up all night!).
  • Lashes - Mascara will help open up the eye and will create the illusion that your lashes are long and lustrous. I tip my head back and then wiggle the bristle of the brush from the base of my lashes all the way to the tips. By doing a zig-zag motion you will help separate the lashes and any clumps and also help get the product either side of the hair. I LOVE the MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara because it has 2 different bristles to choose from.

Voila! Simple, easy and great for us busy folk where time is not on our side!

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