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Another business year for me draws to an end. And a honeymoon begins.

Pretty exciting times.

Christmas and the festive season is always wonderful for a number of reasons. Family gets reunited. We have an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of food. We have an excuse to drink a ridiculous amount of booze. Its a time to reflect on the past year.

There have been some pretty big life events in the past year for me lets be honest. The most obvious ones are my marriage to my beau and becoming an Aunty again not once but twice this year. Such heartwarming stuff. I’ve tried to fit in as many cuddles as humanly possible (from mentioned family additions AND the beau haha!). And of course there have been smaller scale events that has been warming me to my cockles. I also said goodbye to 2 wisdom teeth...Adios!

It has been 8 years since I left MAC Cosmetics and I went out on my own. That time has gone pretty darn quickly and sometimes it has been hard to catch a breathe. But, I love it. I honestly do. The early mornings, the long days, the client interactions, the creativity and the fun I get to have with makeup and plucking. Pure and utter enjoyment. But, I think what really makes it is the clients. So you guys reading this, a BIG thank you for letting me  continue to do what I love.

So, Merry Christmas to you all. May your turkeys provide leftovers for days to come, your elasticated waists be stretched to eternity and your family time be full of fun stuff and smiles.

I’m off to Africa to go find some animals and seek some adventure xxx

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